Officially acreddited Chubbuck Teacher, Richard Igoe, is here to help you the actor raise your game

S12S (Step 12 Studio) is an Acting studio for all Actors.

S12S is dedicated solely to teaching The Chubbuck Technique. 

Created by Ivana Chubbuck, it is a 12 step process the actor can follow for any and every character

A numbered step by step guide to creating living breathing dynamic characters. 


S12S is for Actors who want to grow their skillset by learning the tried and tested 12 step process created by Ivana Chubbuck.

Chubbuck class will help you take your craft to the next level and you'll be creating Characters with real organic behaviour. 

All Classes are taught by Officially accredited teacher Richard. Who is both a working actor himself and under the direct tutelage of Ivana Chubbuck as an actor and a teacher. 

Its time to give you a proper strategy for creating characters, one that works for you every single time!


Ivana Chubbuck has done the hard work so you don’t have to. By creating 12 easy steps to follow based in three sciences: behavioural science, psychology and cultural anthropology.


Basing the technique in the sciences of how we live everyday makes it easy to understand and utilise providing a reliable process for you the actor to follow if you are:

An ambitious and driven Actor who feels disenchanted at their present opportunities  -  it’s time to start putting yourself first!

An aspiring Actor that’s ready to turn your passion into a reality - you need to stop thinking and start acting!

A side hustler that wants to get that hands on training they can use straight away and wave goodbye to your 9-5

quitting your job is scary, get your foot in the next door first

An Actor already on the career ladder that needs a way to kick the door down - S12S's Chubbuck classes will show you how to become a force to be reckoned with!

An Actor thats done their time on a BA Hons, you’re good at what you do but the phones not ringing - Don’t worry you’re in safe hands, if something ain't working you gotta at least try to fix it!

The thing is you might be an expert at what you do but you haven't cracked the industry yet.

You've done everything your agents told you to. The full works, new headshots, new show reel etc, you're doing everything they told you to at drama school but the phones not ringing...

S12S hears the same from all our students:

"I didn't get a top tier agent from my showcase"

"I'm so sick of working for free"

"I've emailed every single casting director ever and no ones responded"

"I never get auditions and when I do there isn't enough time to do it properly"

"I can't handle zoom auditions, I prefer to be in the room"

"I don't have enough credits so im not getting called in"

There is one common denominator that determines success in all fields regardless of the pursuit. 

Work Ethic

At S12S there are no contracts, no long term engagements and no nonsense.


Officially accredited teacher Richard solely teaches The Chubbuck Technique, a 12 step process you can apply to any character or script.


Classes are announced first via mailing list and later on Instagram.

S12S fees are set per class. No membership fees. 

"Almost two-thirds of performers (63%) earned less than £5,000 from their profession in the last year, a survey suggests" BBC - 

Which sucks. It's sad to see so many talented people like you be brave enough to follow their dreams and not get their break.


Being an Actor is hard. It takes a huge amount of time and effort to craft a living breathing dynamic character.


But you can make the journey easier for yourself by getting your hands on a process you can trust and rely on. Be ready so you don't have to get ready. 



"Success will find you, if you let it!" - Ivana Chubbuck

What if you could...

Become an Actor with a solid process you can rely on?

Play a Character and clearly create the dynamic of history between you and your scene partners. (Even if its the first day on set and you've never met them before)

Be an Actor that doesn't procrastinate when those auditions do come in, because you know what to do and how to do it?

Tackle emotionally demanding scenes with finesse take after take. Healthily! Without taking it home with you. 

Always be on objective with forward motion. Knowing the line between pushing and not doing enough and using it to your advantage. 

Become a force to be reckoned with! Own your tape, own your scene and book the job. 

Hey, I’m Rich


The officially accredited Chubbuck teacher for Step 12 Studio. 


Ivana’s book ‘ The Power of the Actor’, was first published in 2004. Although aware of who Ivana was, being a Brad Pitt fan boy,  I got my first copy much later. I read it and re-read it till it fell apart. It was never going to be viable to make the trip state side to study with her directly at that time and so I found the best Drama School I could In London. 


Luckily, I got in. Originally I trained in Movement Psychology, Character analysis; developed by Yat Malmgren and Christopher Fettes, Founders of Drama centre London.


I had the good fortune of even at that time being under the direct tutelage of Christopher Fettes. 


I loved my time training, I was thrilled when I got my first agent from my showcase. I felt super ready. 


But time ticked by and I wasn’t getting through the door. 


I had this huge tool kit that I’d collated but ultimately I didn't have a solid process which is what I was personally after. Maybe I just didn’t get it or I missed the boat. Either way. 


I started to properly study The Chubbuck Technique, pennies started dropping pretty fast. Within my first few months, auditions started coming in. In the space of auditioning for two weeks I gratefully booked 5 jobs in a row. I was flying in and out of London, got to work in Spain, Italy and Switzerland. I was suddenly loving life and the first thing I did after that round finished? I got my ass back into class! If I hadn’t I never would’ve been ready to train with Ivana Chubbuck directly. 


One formula for success: Work Ethic. 


No matter what field you are in. Work Ethic will always be the differentiating factor for those who achieve success and those who don’t. 


Working with my personal hero, Ivana Chubbuck; has been utterly life changing. 


The Chubbuck Technique isn’t solely about acting per se, it goes far beyond. By working with the Chubbuck Technique actors directly empower their characters but also directly empower themselves to be winners.


It's by no small token that Ivana named her best selling book ‘The Power of the Actor’.


Similarly its by no small token that Ivana’s students are well represented in every awards season the world over. 


Want to be an actor that wins? Email to get on the mailing list and be the first to hear about classes. 


Introducing you to


S12S is a no nonsense acting studio thats here to help you become an empowered actor. Whether you have a career already or are brand new to acting.

All you need to know is that you want to act. 

S12S is here to help you become a force to be reckoned with. No more winging it and faking it till you make it. 

The 12 step process will take you from trying to figure it out on your own, putting in hours of effort for little results to being a confident actor that knows how to analyse their characters journey and execute it in a way that only you can! 


What are S12S Chubbuck classes all about?

By studying Ivana Chubbuck's tried and tested 12 step process...

Coming to class, you will learn how to apply the 12 step process to get out of your head and into your gut!

Lets stop the guesswork. Time to get a real process to follow. Get clarity on how to approach text and analyse your characters journey, what's it really about. No more rushing ahead to personalising and having a flat performance. Move through your work with forward motion. Bring the audience on the journey with you.

You will learn to act from your body with real need that resonates with your audience. 

Get into the nitty gritty of the world of your character, be the character. You will learn how to create the genuine need in of yourself just as your character has, becoming present and driven. As a result you'll be making empowered choices for you, for your character and for your audience. 

You will become an actor that creates living breathing characters with organic behaviour. Become a force to be reckoned with!

Be ready to work so you don't have to get ready when opportunity calls. Time to learn how to be in the moment, do all the work and then let it go, see where the work takes you. Be an actor that can create organic behaviour.

"Being good isn't good enough. You can't take good work to the bank. You have to be great. Greatness is in the details!"

                     - Ivana Chubbuck


Scene from in-studio Group Class


Group Classes

Screenshot 2021-12-17 at 13.28.50.png

Cassies Symes, Actor

"The group session was really beneficial. It made a real difference in such a short time and I learnt techniques I shall apply to my work again and again. Rich tailors the class expertly to the needs and level of the students and I recommend him very highly"

Tom Ward-Thomas, Actor

"I found the Ivana Chubbuck approach fascinating - both psychologically and dramatically. It allowed me to find some really interesting places to go with the character that I hadn't realised. Initially I found it a bit difficult to grasp but once I allowed myself to throw myself into it, it unleashed all sorts of interesting things. Highly recommend"

Screenshot 2021-12-17 at 17.19.26.png
Screenshot 2021-12-19 at 13.52.24.png

Martin Neely, Actor

"Although I only had a few hours working with Rich in the Step 12 Studio, it was an intense afternoon and I know we barely scratched the surface. However I quickly saw how these practical techniques can help get an actor to the heart of a character, giving depth and emotion from a truthful place. The steps are clear and thorough and Rich was there to guide us through the process. It's definitely something that I will look to for future projects."

Private's / 121's

Anita Szymańska, Actor

"Rich helped me immensely when I was offered a role in a t.v drama. So far I've only done small supportive roles and now I had to build a complex character! I didnt know where to start. Rich helped me to understand my character's journey and what she was fighting for, so that I was able to be emotionally involved and truthful in my performance. Thanks to his help I knew exactly what to do on the day. More than that, the director loved it and i'm getting invited back for more episodes. Will definitely be working with Rich again ."

Screenshot 2021-12-17 at 15.21.03.png

Lea Anderson, Actor

Screenshot 2021-12-19 at 13.57.51.png

"I had the chance to be coached by Rich for a short film I starred in. He introduced me to The Chubbuck Technique and I was amazed how much it helped me understanding the story, analysing the text and expanding my imagination to create the character and play. 


During our session Rich created a safe and joyful working environment for me to explore and try out things. His guidance and advice were helpful and challenging.


This approach helped me to get out of my comfort zone as an actress but also enabled me to learn about the craft. I discovered new tools and enrich my process of creating an interesting and layered character. It's a very powerful technique I highly recommend to anyone who wants to bring their acting skills to another level. "

Thick 'n Fast, Comedy Double act

"In the midst of writing our play, we had an intensive session with Rich to develop characterisation. We jumped into the material and it was incredibly useful to delve in in this new way to create more truthful characters. Rich Helped us to find another level of complexity and we really enjoyed learning more about The Chubbuck Technique.


What do I get from a Chubbuck Class......

  • Access to premier American actor training

  • You will learn about yourself and your triggers so you know how to trigger yourself in your work. Knowledge is power and the more you know about yourself the more powerful your choices can be.

  • Improve your analysis skills so you always have forward motion, never give a flat performance again

  • Learn how to experience the death of a loved one, be under the influence of heroin or create organic pain from a gunshot wound. Healthily, without taking it home with you. 

  • Get taught by a working actor who has their eyes on who's casting what. Someone thats currently auditioning in the new normal.

  • You will work every week

  • You will be challenged to work on your weaknesses

  • Access to the S12S Community. Have the support of your peers from class whether you've just had a sh*tty audition or you need a reader for your tape. (Access granted after completing your first block. )

  • Be able to take as many or as few classes as you want. Classes for the next month are announced at max a month in advance. No long term fees. One fee per class that you choose to attend. No contracts.


How does class work at S12S



(In-person classes are closed pending restrictions easing) 


Zoom Classes are here to stay just as Zoom auditions are here to stay. The industry is evolving and this new norm isn't going anywhere. 

Don't be fooled there is absolutely nothing you can do in real life that you cant also do in Zoom. 

This is especially precious for those of you who had to leave London due to restrictions and lockdowns. 

Get premier American actor training from wherever you are in the U.K from your home.

Affordable accessible training for all. 

S12S teaches The Chubbuck Technique just as Ivana herself teaches it in L.A

Classes work in Blocks. Either 2 weeks or 4 weeks in duration.

2 weeks = 1 scene  |  4 weeks = 2 scenes 

Your space is only confirmed upon receipt of payment. 

A week before class, you will be assigned either a monologue or a scene and scene partner. 

You then have one week to prepare. You are expected to spend a minimum of six hours a week rehearsing, applying the steps for yourself. 

Week 1. The first works.


You will perform your scene to the class. Coach Richard will then go through your characters journey with you and offer feedback and instruction on the technique. This will form your homework for Week 2.


Actors then have another week to rework their pieces for week 2, the reworks.  

Week 2, The reworks. This is where the magic happens. You get to show where you got to (you will learn more from falling on your face, be brave and take risks. No one ever wins an award in class) and your coach will show you how to take it further.

If a 4 week block. On week 2 assignments are issued for week 3 and 4. 


How do I join a class

First, you fill up the form below, or email  to introduce yourself,


        -please remember to include a link to your spotlight | showreel | C.V etc so I can see who and how you are and cast your scenes. With a reference to the class you are applying for.

Let me know if you have already read 'The power of the Actor' or not. Dont worry if you haven't there are regular webinars to catch you up and get you ready to work with the technique.


You will need the book and to have read the first 12 chapters before your first class as there won't be time to teach the book and simultaneously apply the technique.

      - if you come to class having skipped the reading, you won't only be cheating yourself but your scene partner also. It is expected that all students take their craft seriously and be respectful of their peers. 

N.B  - Book your place in class as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Minimum. 8 days in advance of class commencing. Classes tend to fill up pretty quickly. 


Assignments are given out at least 7 days or more before the first class.


     - The purpose for this is to ensure students have at least one week to prepare for class. Everything we do at S12S is as Ivana herself teaches. if booking after the deadline it may be possible to still attend but very likely you will be assigned a monologue. Regardless of when booking, you are not guaranteed a scene partner. You will be assigned material based on what you need to work on.   

      - Regularly classes will be announced up to a month in advance, meaning you could have more prep time.  

N.B Please make sure you have read and understood the FAQ page before booking. 

Once you're in class

We will work together on your Characters journey and look at how you applied the technique for yourself. Where necessary revisions and instructions will be given to form your homework for either the next week or if a rework week (see how does class work above) additional exercises and direction may be given.

Every scene is different, every character is different and every Actor is as individual as their finger print. In class we will celebrate what makes you different, your quirks and insecurities will become fuel for your characters. We will be getting out of our comfort zones often. 

All students will be learning from all the scenes in class. When you're not on the floor performing, you will be actively participating. Learning from the feedback given to all Actors for all the characters being played that day. 


Should one actor in one scene require an exercise for their character, say a gunshot wound, you will all be doing the exercise together. (or maybe if there's spare time at the end of a class we'll just do the Heroin exercise for funsies.)

The more time you spend in class, the more time we can spend digging deeper into your personal riches creating more and more detailed characters.

Step 12 Studio is named as such because its coach Rich's absolute gift and pleasure to share the wonderful life changing work of Ivana Chubbuck with you. Step 12, Let it go; is without a doubt the hardest of all the steps. Its Rich's mission to guide you in your understanding and application of the technique so that when you're ready, he can put your name forward to work with Ivana directly. (n.b there is a waiting list).

Work Ethic. If you work hard and you are consistent. If you are open to your teachers instructions you will grow as an actor. You will become more confident and empowered as a person. You will learn a process you can depend on, become faster and more competent at tackling auditions.



We get started! You would've read the book, received your assignment and spent a week applying the steps for yourself.

You will perform the scene as you have prepared it. (Yep, its an acting class, you will perform every week infront of the class and your coach, same for zoom and in studio.)


Privates | 121's

                  One on one coaching is intense and we get to cover a lot of ground fast!

                                                                   Slay your self tape. 

                                                              kill it on your next shoot

Take private classes to increase your understanding and application of the technique (we'll be using mock auditions or request to work on your own material.)

                                   To book a session email

                           Sessions are arranged on a first come first served basis. 

                  It is beneficial to be in the regular classes but not a necessity. 

For castings and shoots: 


You must include all the information for your audition or job in the first instance. Casting breakdown, sides, script or notes from your director and or agent. I cannot prepare your class if you don't issue me  with the material in advance. You'll be wasting time if you leave it till the commencement of your session. If you have only booked one hour, I may not be able to go over that hour. 

For Private workshops on new writing or on set coaching:

Either record a full run through and send it to me, or invite me to watch a performance. Both are charged for at the same rate.  Provide me with the full script. We will then have a free zoom call to discuss what you hope to achieve with the private and an estimate of how long it may take will be given. Usually 3 hours per Act is required.


N.B most people who use this service end up making rewrites based on what we find. Don't leave it till too close to your performance.


Last minute patch up sessions are possible but take a very different form dependent on the time frame. Enquire:


2 hour Privates for £75.00 - now available on a cash for gas basis... to fund refugee aid. See all that follows below - email for enquiries,


Ivana Chubbuck discussing Work Ethic     (A.K.A What makes a great actor!)

Group Class Fees

Group classes are approx 4 hours in duration


4 week block. Approx. £ 180.00

(unavailable until further notice, pending restrictions, prices may increase dependent on venues.)

Online / Zoom

4 weeks. 2 scenes. £160.00

2 weeks. 1 scene. £80.00

Privates | 121's Fees

First Hour.                                               £55.00

Second hour.                                         £45.00

Third and every hour thereafter       £40.00 p.h.

N.b The first hour is a higher fee as it includes preparing the class. Most privates will happen on zoom.


There is an additional charge of £15.00 if I travel you. 

Next Class Announcement

Screenshot 2022-04-12 at 21.32.59.png

Please read the FAQ section before booking. 

Next 4 week course

6th, 13th, 20 and 27th May

6-9pm @theatredeli

London liverpool st

5 spaces left (as of 11/04/22)

£160.00 total for all four weeks

£80.00 for first two or second two weeks

to book or enquire


if booking include experience to date - c.v / headshot / spotlight etc.




I want to book into the next class before you announce it. 

- Nope. The only advance you can get on class announcement is to join the mailing list. Everyone gets just as much time to respond. 

How do I find out about future classes. 


- Mailing list and follow S12S instagram.

My scene partner is being unreliable, what do I do

- The Chubbuck Technique is best learnt by the student being in rehearsal, applying the steps and exercises for themselves and to explore, practically. Acting is active. It is imperative that all peers be as respectful of each other, the craft and class and do their work. Should you unfortunately have a partner thats unresponsive, incommunicative, unavailable or not learning their lines, etc. You are allowed and encouraged to fire them. Contact your teacher as soon as possible to be reassigned. 

I know i'm too busy to work with a scene partner but I still want to come to class.

- Email and let your teacher know, you can always be assigned monologues which are just as important a part of study as it is to have a scene partner. If you know you're too busy to accommodate the requirement for scene partners it is your responsibility to be clear and not waste a peers time. 

Can I just do half a block?

- Spaces in class are awarded on a first come first served basis. If space allows it may be possible to just do two weeks out of a four week block. Email early to avoid disappointment. Specific courses, Pilot season prep, showreel bootcamp etc, you are expected to attend all of the course. Dropping in is only applicable to regular blocks.

I'm sick I need to cancel.

- The show must go on. When you book into class you are making a commitment to yourself and the group, especially if you have a scene partner.  Refunds are not offered except in severe circumstances where funds will be held in lieu so you may return and complete your assignment. 

I have an audition, I have to cancel.

-Bring the audition in, let's workshop it. Email your teacher as soon as you get it. 

My scene partner hasn't turned up

- You'll get to do a mock audition or monologue dependent on notice. its a real test to do a cold reading in class and very valuable training. 

I emailed you but no one replied

-Emails are usually responded to within 72 hours. If you haven't seen a reply. Save to your contacts and double check your spam and other folders. 

I emailed more than three days ago and did the above and still no reply

- Requests to join the mailing list may not be responded to. Your contact details will be added to the mailing list and you will receive the next one due to be sent. It is sent out the first Wednesday of every month. 

I'm scared of digging up trauma, it can't be healthy?

- With The Chubbuck Technique we focus on unresolved issues, and through the metaphor of our work as artists we seek to overcome those issues, for ourselves and our audience. Learning how to do so is one of the many things class is for. Unlike other 'methodologies' where actors may spend hours digging up and sitting in their trauma to be ready for a take, we do not sit in our trauma, we use it as fuel. (N.B its very well explained in the book! But here it is from Ivana - below!).  

All Videos

All Videos

Watch Now

I want to come to class but I haven't finished the book yet

- Read the book. You must have read the first four chapters before your first class. You must declare when booking if you haven't. For online blocks, mandatory online webinars will be held to help catch those of you up who are new to class. The first twelve chapters are easily manageable to read quickly. Ivana deliberately wrote it in the most accessible way she could. 

If I come to class will I get to work on all 12 steps. 

- Possibly. Not necessarily. Ultimately we will start at the start. Step 1 and build our way up from there. The onus is on the student being prepared. One needs to walk before they can run. 


“The direction in which education starts a Person will determine their future in life.”


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