Image by Matt Gross


Can I audit a class?

Usually yes, but unfortunately with present restrictions it isn't possible to host auditors.

What about props?

Students are responsible for all their own props and creating their sets. The bare bones will be on offer in studio, and online you'll be in a place of your choosing and so can use your space as you wish. 

Why Online?

Taking class online gives you the actor the most flexibility with your other commitments as well as being beneficial for all those zoom recalls that are the new norm. Coach Richard has been in online classes with Ivana throughout all the lockdowns, anything we can do in person we can do online, whether a sex scene or a fight scene. 

I can't afford class but I'm desperate to come?

Send us an email and if its possible we may be able to discuss arranging payment plans. 

My scene partner is being unreliable, what do I do?

The technique is best taught by you the actor working with the steps through rehearsal with your scene partner. Students are allowed and encouraged to fire an unreliable scene partner, if in doubt do speak with your teacher in the first instance.